Recently Government of India has also agreed on our this plan and announced to support Micro Food Processing Units For Rural India.



  1. We are going to create a SHG in each & every Rural House hold ( No urban or semi urban, Strictly rural, in panchayats).

  2. Each SHG will be of minimum 5 or maximum 10 people.

  3. Each SHG will be given loan ( financial assistance through Nabard or other government schemes, funds are already allotted by govt ,see the attached clippings ) of 60 thousand to 1 lac.

  4. The SHG will only put units based on their current agri produce by the household. Means their Raw material should not be procured through market, has to be their own.

  5. Each SHG member has to give undertaking that they will do physical labor of their own and don’t hire any labor from outside. This will enable each SHG to run without interruption  even in case of adversity.

  6. Nabard will fund these newly formed SHG also by waiving the 6 month old eligibility criteria.( A proposal forwarded to Finance ministry in this regard after discussion)

  7. The SHG funding will be done by Nabard ( Who has fund & govt instructions to do that) through our Partner bank.

How we will Implement or Execute our Model:

1.we are appointing a Franchisee of our at the pre selected location through  out the country, in phase wise manner.

2. Each Franchisee appointed at a place from which if we create a circle of 6KM radius minimum 20000 rural population and & minimum 3500 household will be there.

3. Our Franchisee will open account of each individual of SHG along with SHG’s account itself with our Partner bank digitally and link it with our E commerce portal & payment gateway.

4. Our Franchisee will then suggest each house hold based on their agri produce and number of people that what kind of UNIT they should open?

For example :

Suppose the house hold produces the wheat say 25 MT /year which they sell at INR @20000 per MT at their local mandi or FCI and generate INR.500000/year.

Now we suggest them to open either a

  1. Mini Flour Mill to produce various kind of atta or Maida.

  2. Mini bakery for making home made organic atta or maida busicuits of various kinds

  3. Mini Atta noodle/pasta unit

  4. Dalia or wheat flakes, puffs unit.

& more such food or processed food items based on wheat flour, maida, dalia etc.


We will give them a detailed  project report based on their choice. The fund/loan break up will be like ( For 60 thousand Project)

  1. 3o thousand for machines

  2. 20 thousand for Raw material ( against 50 thousand worth of Raw material) in form of working capital.

  3. 6 thousand for project report, training & marketing ( One Time expense, Including registration cum administration charges to sell their product through our online e com portal

  4. 4 thousand will be given under misc fund or emergency fund.


Now Earning from this raw material: If he sells wheat flour then in place of 20rs a kg he can earn upto 32 to 35 rs a kg by selling packaged wheat flour which will be nitrogen packed for freshness.

If he sells maida or dalia then he can sell it upto 50rs per kg  & dalia not less than 75 rs a kg.

If he sells maida sewai or noodles or atta sewai or noodles then the price per kg will be not less than Rs180/kg.


Thus the each house hold with the help of Micro Food Processing Unit & help o24X7 market  can increase his income many fold.