Our App for Rural E comm will be named as Rural Mall

 is an exclusive rural assisted Commerce platform created by Enaar Infotech Private Limited . Its primary business is to source and sell almost everything from Rural India ( from Pickles to Onions or Rice to Pulse, whatever the farmer or rural people have for the global/urban customer. It is available both as a web portal www.ruralmalls.com and mobile app ‘RuralMall™’. A unique feature of the mobile app is that it can work as well as process orders even in areas without Internet network but one has to be a Ruralmall™ associate to place an order.


How does it work?

Ruralmall™ caters to both B2B and B2C segments.


In the B2C space RM or Ruralmall™ will appoint Franchisee who shall be well connected across villages in  states of India & serve More than 60 crore out of 90 crore of Rural Population In India to sell their Products/ skills etc. With the help of our App the rural people will not only able to sell their product but also buy other products available over online from across the globe which shall be delivered at their doorstep through our centers (Logistics by Postal Department)

 Rural People will be are equipped with phones installed with our Ruralmall™ mobile app which shall not only be available in their Local language but also voice interactive with AI support.

Apart from the using app for buying & selling, The buyers & sellers can use phone also by dialing a special number to buy or sell their product, which shall be called Dail a buy or Dial a sell.


Our  Ruralmall™ Frnchisee will help Rural people to list their products for urban/global customers, collect the sold item from them and dispatch the order through Local Post office. These orders are delivered directly to the customer across all the cities / places in India as well Abroad.


Unlike all other players who are currently in the market, we are not eyeing on selling urban or FMCG or small brands to Rural people.

We are providing them a platform or rather a 24x7 Marketplace where they can sell their products at the price of their choice with power to negotiate directly with the buyers.