Rural E Com Centre

Multipurpose Centre:

After identifying the centre location & the working , we planned to use these for multiple purpose.

During our survey we found that rural india lacks in proper health centre, Education centre & Entertainment centre ( Movie Halls).

Then we decided to establish our centre not only to act as support centre for E commerce but also as a e learning centre as well as e health centre where the local people can get medical advice in case of emergency through video conferencing with hospitals & doctors.

Our Centres will act as a local digital Bank Branch of our partner Bank too.

Our e Com Centre & Person present their will give a local market feel to the rural people. E commerce through our centre will give online technical advantage as far as customer reach is concerned and presence of local guy will make the seller or buyer a offline shopping feel. ( have you seen the advertisement of vijay sales- which points out the lack of expert advice in buying & tells people to do the offline shopping) That’s why our centre will make our customer reach globally with local feel means assistance in their own language & comfort.

This will give us an edge over others. While most of the e comm players are just focusing on logistical support we are working on customer interaction & satisfaction too.

panchayat bhawan-Model.jpg

Unlike all other players who are currently in the market, we are not eyeing on selling urban or FMCG or small brands to Rural people.

We are providing them a platform or rather a 24x7 Marketplace where they can sell their products at the price of their choice with power to negotiate directly with the buyers.