About Rural E Commerce


We are coming up with a E commerce portal Exclusively for the Rural Products ranging from Rice & wheat to Pulses , Fruits, vegetables, Pickles, Ghee, Milk, Paneer, spices, jaggery, Paintings (Madhubani to Tribal), Handicrafts to Handmade cottage industries items like candles, insane sticks, soaps etc. List is endless.  Here the rural products will not only get the market within the country but outside the country as well. Our E commerce will provide the opportunity to each & every rural people to sell their products even they can list their skills too.


Keeping all the problems in mind we conducted PAN INDIA survey of RURAL INDIA in detail & collected not only the demographic & psycho graphic data but also collected the complete information of the rural produce along with the areas & analysed all the date Geographically.


After the Four Years of Extensive survey & data collection we come to the conclusion that we need to provide a local centre with a guy to assist them.



After carefully analyzing the collected data, we come to a conclusion that Support centre should not be very far from the village location otherwise people will not go to the centre & then the model will not work properly.

After data analysis first thing we did is identified the exact place , Pan india Basis where we must have our centre to facilitate rural e commerce with ease & required logistic support.


Our Centre Location is very strategic. Each of our centre is selected at such place that if u take our centre location as a centre of circle then within radius of 5KM

After identifying the centre location  on PAN INDIA basis, we digitized all the locations with marking their geographical details on MAP.

Identification of centre took our 17 long months after the survey & another Five months to digitize all the data.

Now we are ready with our detailed location map where we will keep our centre to assist our E commerce.


To Control these centres locally we have made a admin plan with offices on PAN INDIA presence ( IN EVERY DISTRICT OF COUNTRY). This Admin network will help us in smooth logistical support also.


For logistical support we have partner courier agency(India Post  which will be supported by our men available with our centre to provide logistical support PAN INDIA.

ruraL ECOM.jpg

Unlike all other players who are currently in the market, we are not eyeing on selling urban or FMCG or small brands to Rural people.

We are providing them a platform or rather a 24x7 Marketplace where they can sell their products at the price of their choice with power to negotiate directly with the buyers.