About Rural E Commerce


Rural E Commerce can be a potential game changer in this. There is no dearth of products in rural area but lack of market is spoiling the game.

... e chaupal & some rural Self help groups are working at local/village level to build cottege industry like Agarbatti , Candles, papad , Achar & masala and other agro based by products to be sold through local market. Though Government of India sometimes organize special fairs to introduce these products to the mass.

But the question is why these special fairs or Haats or e chaupal or SHG’s only acting as intermediaries, why cant we provide them a permanent market place where they not only display their product & talent to the people across the country as well as Globe.

Rural India is big untapped market with no entertainment centers & No E com sites are serving the rural india because of high logistics cost. Here we have a plan for this. E Comm centres with Entertainment.


Unlike all other players who are currently in the market, we are not eyeing on selling urban or FMCG or small brands to Rural people.

We are providing them a platform or rather a 24x7 Marketplace where they can sell their products at the price of their choice with power to negotiate directly with the buyers.